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News and restocks from Ván Records & Terratur Possessions

So we have some really great titles coming in from Ván Records. and Terratur Possessions. This includes repress of the great debut album by Swedish black metal act Leviathan. Btw, take the time check out our interview with them.

  • Leviathan – Far Beyond The Light (lim. 12” LP) Dark Green
  • Wallachia – s/t (lim. 12” LP) Red
  • Misotheist – For The Glory Of Your Redeemer (gtf. 12″ LP)
  • Misotheist – Misotheist (gtf. 12″ LP)
  • Issolei – Devouring Current II: Treacherous Ascent (12” MLP) Black
  • Issolei – Devouring Current I: Crystalline Fractures (12” MLP) Black
  • Issolei – Cilicium (12” LP) Black
  • Deus Mortem – The Fiery Blood (12” MLP) Color: Black
  • Mare – Spheres Like Death & Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch (12” LP)
  • The Ruins Of Beverast – Rain Upon The Impure (gtf. 2LP)
  • The Ruins Of Beverast – Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite (gtf. 2LP)
  • Black Crucifixion – Faustian Dream (lim. gtf. 12” LP) Black
  • Morgoth – Feel Sorry For The Fanatic (lim. 12” LP) Black
  • Macabre Omen – “Gods Of War – At War” (lim. 12″ double LP)

If you would like to preorder or reserve a copy, please contact us!