Label and demo policy

We look forward to and are open to submissions. The Wild Hunt’s main field of music is extreme and black metal, as well as neofolk and martial related.

Our way of doing things is a serious one, our definition of “serious” includes:

  • We will provide a written agreement, to hold on to
  • We will state in writing: label responsibilities, band responsibilities and eventual common responsibilities
  • We will also state what we will not do do, to avoid misunderstandings
  • We do not expect to own the rights to your music, since this is often a good way for unserious labels to rob musicians
  • If possible, we also think it is a good idea to meet in person, before entering an artist-label cooperation

You can send us a link or a physical copy, it is up to you. Find means to contact us here. We answer to all submissions and we strive to get back to you pretty quickly.

Looking forward to hear from you! /J.