Postage, conditions, packaging etc

Order types

  • Standard order are items that are in stock
  • Preorder, is an item that are not yet in stock but will be. These are often put on a sale price for a limited period before they are in stock
  • Special order, an item that we offer but we do not keep them in stock.

For preorders and special orders, delivery times may wary – please ask us if you want to know.

Flexibility, honour & trust

Part of our service is to be flexible, pragmatic and help you out. For example, if you want to reserve items, we do that for you without asking for an upfront payment. This is because we believe in honour and trust.

Cancellation of orders

We have the right to cancel any order. Especially if only one item is purchased.


  • Swedish Customers may pay with Swish or transfer to bank account.
  • International Customers may pay with Paypal or transfer to bank account.


  • We package carefully.
  • We package to avoid split seams.

Unregistered shipping

We offer unregistered shipping for some destinations since it can be a good budget option.

  • We never recommend unregistered shipping for more expensive items
  • We do not recommend unregistered shipping in December, because of logistics chaos
  • We will ask you to approve unregistered before accepting to ship
  • If package would disappear, we cannot take responsibility for it
  • For your and our security, we will always be able to provide, if needed, proof according to below:
    • Receipt for buying shipping, with sender and recipient details
    • Proof from PostNord for handing in package/goods for delivery

Postage & logistics

  • The postage rates given are indicative, meaning that they may differ due to price changes. If you would like to know exact postage before ordering, please ask us.
  • We utilize different logistics companies depending on destination.
  • Prices in grey below indicate that the shipment is unregistered and untraceable. The green prices indicate that they are traceable.
  • We can’t take responsibility for disappearing unregistered packages, although we can supply documentation for package being sent
Country0-0,499 kg0,5-0,99 kg1-1,99 kg>= 2 kg
Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Slovakia11,99€16,99€16,99€16,99€
Australia, Canada, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom11€/19,99€19,99€19,99€24,99€
United States11€/19,99€21,99€21,99€44,99€
France, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Spain11€/19€19€19€19€
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal11€/18€19€20€25€
Brazil, Turkey16€19€24€
Chile, Colombia, Japan23€25€27€

Returning items

Swedish Customers have the legal right to return items within 14 days, starting the day after receival. Customer pays for postage and packaging.

Before returning items, please get in contact.

We do not accept returns for reasons such as below:

  • Art, graphics or other such qualities being considered poor, inferior etc.
  • Poor sound quality, this is a matter that must be taken up with the label and we are willing to assist in doing this