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Kampfar on the rise?

Kampfar - Ofidians Manifest
Kampfar strikes back, yet again with world class song writing…

Yes, they most certainly seem to be! Just stumbled over their latest track “Ophidian” and this is simply outstanding. When the vinyls come out, we will of course carry them for obvious reasons. Reach out, if you want if you are interested and don’t hesitate to check out their latest masterpiece “Profan”.

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Rotting Christ are back!

So, the famous Greeks Rotting Christ are back with yet another great album, we assume after hearing two tracks. This band is one of my personal favourites, for many reasons. It all started with groundbreaking “Thy Mighty Contract” in 1993, which was a huge inspiration for the Greek black metal movement with bands such as Macabre Omen, Varathron and Acherontas. Now, they are delivering “The Heretics” through Season of Mist. We now offer the black and the limited red-black vinyl versions at very low price on preorder.