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My Dying Bride release the first ever vinyl version of “Evinta”

The vinyl is officially released today, December 4th, and is available on preorder.

Rightly hailed as one of the most instrumental & influential forces in doom metal since their inception in 1990, UK legends My Dying Bride have forged an illustrious career through a flawless discography of immaculately crafted, haunting art.

Now marking the thirtieth year of My Dying Bride with this special vinyl release, Aaron Stainthorpe describes the new edition

“Evinta is a reworking and a re-thinking of some of My Dying Bride’s best compositions, we brought together some outstanding classical musicians as well as opera singer Lucie Roche for the venture. It was directed by myself, Andrew Craighan and Jonny Maudling and the music comes together with all the pomp you would expect from such a project, featuring violins, grand piano, cellos a variety of woodwind and brass instruments as well as new lyrics. A recent discovery from this recording session was a cover version of our song ‘The Cry of Mankind’ with all new instrumentation and a differing vocal approach, which gives the song an altogether majestic and ethereal sound.” – Aaron Stainthorpe

This edition of ‘Evinta (MMXX)’ is presented on the vinyl format for the very first time and includes gatefold sleeve with updated cover art & layout courtesy of Aaron Stainthorpe himself.

Check out the unboxing by Aaron below. I must say that I don’t like him removing the plastic, but the tool he uses is pretty fantastic: