Saiva – Markerna Bortom LP


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Far to the north,
beyond the noise and rule of civilization, lies a vast and untamed
landscape. It’s a place untouched by time, free from the destructive
influence of man. Yet, it echoes of an ancient heritage. But whisper in
the wind, it still speaks stronger and clearer to those who are willing
to listen. It’s a land enchanted by myths and stories about man and
nature, that of cruelty and beauty and harsh duality of the wilderness.
These are the stories reflected through Saiva’s stripped-down emotional
expression. The debut album “Markerna bortom” is a unique opportunity
for us to take part in a way of life that is indeed unusual in today’s
society. This album isn’t just a nostalgic glimpse at a forgotten time,
but a journey to a place forgotten and untraveled by most.

Featured guest appearances by J. Kaarna (Tervahäät), Austin Lunn (Panopticon) & Erik Gärdefors (Grift)

Saiva consists of a man who lives and breathes in his Lapland. This
is his true artistic expression where he writes, compose and record
everything in solitude. As on the previous recordings, good old friend
J. Marklund complements this album with his distinctive drumming.  Juha
from Tervahäät sang and wrote the lyrics for the song Mykät louitsut. He
is also responsible for writing most of the background ambience on this
record. Austin of Panopticon brought in some Americana and plays the
mandolin. Erik, known from Grift, has written the poem “Där vindar
vänder” and contributes with his characteristic voice. Even though this
record is a product of solitude and quiet reflection, it has come
together through the solidarity between like-minded individuals.

So, people. Please sit down for a while, and let yourself be embraced by The Great Wild North and feel solidarity in solitude.

1. Lávket
2. Nordmarkens älvar
3. Där vindar vänder
4. Varsel i vildmark
5. Mykät loitsut
6. Nordan


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