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CMPT is an anonymous black metal formation rooted in haunted cults and dark folklore coming from the bloody Balkan soil. The word itself (SMRT in Latin) represents a Cyrillic transcription translated purely as “Death” in all the languages of the Balkan tribes and is with certain variations understandable in the rest of the Slavic world.

Found on a specific cross between the old indigenous elements and the ancient Slavic folklore, CMPT is a dedication to the authentic Balkan worship of Death, a monument of praise for the unclean ones, nocturnal rites and forbidden cults that have cursed these lands centuries before the first Byzantine missions arrived.

Coming from pre-Christian times, the cult of Death has withstood all the temptations of the time and has been to this day successfully preserved in the local culture of the Balkan peoples, where it is still being practiced on a conscious or subconscious level. Now as a first monument to this primordial cult, CMPT is ready to put “Mrtvaja” EP out and make the theme of Death more relevant than ever!

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