Werra – Vente Vent LP (light grey)


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While the German neofolk was in it’s early days, the year 2001 saw the
foundation of the German neofolk-duo :werra:, whose official debut album
was released only much later, due to various problems. Their songs
reveal the spirit of early German neofolk – ie = a return to the
traditions of our ancestors as well as the search for an own cultural
identity and the longing for a new, and hopefully better world. Musically
and conceptionally, :werra: can be seen in the same context
that characterized the early releases of Forseti and Darkwood.

Six years after their debut “MMI-MMV” Werra returns with a
full-length album that is interconnected by the motive of the wind of
The album is comprised of catchy tunes, driving melodies and dreamy
songs. It stands in the tradition of its predecessor with both original
lyrics and traditional poetry set to music. The band – bring new accents to
traditional Neofolk. Especially the accordion adds more dynamic and
depth while preserving the distinctive :werra: sound.

Lichterklang 2019.

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