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“Lamenting of The Innocent” is the third studio album by the Swedish heavy metal band Sorcerer. The album was released on May 29, 2020, under the label Metal Blade Records. It consists of ten tracks with a total running time of 62 minutes.

The album opens with an instrumental track “Persecution” that sets the mood and introduces the listener to the album’s overall sound. The second track “The Hammer of Witches” starts with a slow and heavy riff that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The vocals of Anders Engberg are powerful, clear, and emotional, giving the lyrics a deep meaning and resonance.

The album features a variety of tempo changes, guitar solos, and heavy riffs that create a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The third track “Lamenting of The Innocent” is a standout song that showcases the band’s ability to create a powerful and emotional ballad.

The album’s production is exceptional, providing a clear and balanced sound that allows each instrument to shine. The mix is crisp and clean, and the mastering is excellent, providing a dynamic and full sound that is pleasing to the ears.

Overall, “Lamenting of The Innocent” is an excellent album that showcases Sorcerer’s talent for creating powerful and emotional heavy metal music. The album has a classic sound that will appeal to fans of the genre, and the band’s musicianship and songwriting are top-notch. Highly recommended.

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