Demonical – Death Infernal LP (black-grey-white)


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“Death Infernal” is the third studio album by Swedish death metal band Demonical, released in 2011. The album represents a continuation of the band’s unrelenting assault on the senses, with its dark and brutal instrumentation and uncompromising lyrics.

One of the strengths of this album is its consistently high level of energy and aggression. The guitars are fast and furious, the drums pound relentlessly, and the vocals are delivered with a guttural intensity that perfectly captures the mood of the music. The album’s production quality is also excellent, with a clear and powerful sound that allows the instrumentation to shine.

Lyrically, “Death Infernal” is focused on traditional death metal themes, such as death and destruction. The album’s lyrics are uncompromising and unapologetic, and are sure to resonate with fans of extreme metal.

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