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Corona – Ragnarök – doom campaign

Is the virus comparable to Ragnarök? Of course it can be compared, but it is of course not a modern version of Ragnarök for our civilization. Although it will be for some individuals and businesses for sure. It is a pain for most of us of course with the Covid-19 virus spreading and killing, so to make something good for you guys, we decided to create a campaign for you who prefer to bury yourselves in misantrophic, doomy and negative music. At the bottom of this article, you will find a discount campaign for some great and inspiring music for these dark days, but first let’s dive into Ragnarök…


Ragnarök is the downfall and doom in the Norse / viking belief, and is indeed a very interesting and inspiring piece of cultural history. Especially for metal music.

It states itself on the life-blood of fated men, paints red the powers’ homes with crimson gore. Black become the sun’s beams in the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous. Do you still seek to know? And what?

Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters’ children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife – an axe age, a sword age – shields are riven – a wind age, a wolf age – before the world goes headlong.

No man will have mercy on another.

At Ragnarök, the mighty walls of Asgard were destroyed and the Bifrost Bridge was set alight by the flame giant Surt. The World Serpent, Jormungand, burst from the mighty ocean and engulfed the Vigrid Plain, spewing venom in all directions. Fenrir (Fenris) broke his bonds and roamed the earth with his savage brood, spreading death and destruction. The wolves swallowed the sun and moon, and even Yggdrasil itself shuddered…

Corona / Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus is hardly close to Ragnarök, but the pattern of virus spreading is extremely important. This modern age with globalization and people travelling all over the world, has left our civilization especially vulnerable to virus threats. The speed, with which such a virus spreads, is rapid. Compared to ‘digerdöden’, or the black death – an inspiration to many black metal bands, this virus has spread extremely fast. At that time, it started in the mid 1330-ies and arrived in Scandinavia the year 1349. It is not too hard to guess where the Norwegian black metal titans 1349 got their band name from. Nevertheless, the conclusion is of course that the speed with which a virus can spread, to where we live, is incredibly fast.

The big question is how long time will it take before another virus with significantly higher mortality rate hits us? When that happens, that could be Ragnarök. Maybe this will be Mother Nature’s way of dealing with over-population…


To support and encourage the drowning in darkness, we will offer certain doomy titles at reduced prices from today until the 31st of May. Items can of course run out of stock and we aim to keep the site updated accordingly.

Please reach out to us if you want to discuss anything, order or have any questions:

Last but not least – stay strong and healthy! /J.