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Signing: we announce the release of Nazghor’s seventh album

NOTE! Release party is Saturday 26th of November at Klubb Fredagsmangel, Drabantvägen 11, Järfälla/Jakobsberg.

“Seventh Secular Crusade” is Nazghor’s seventh full-length album. This time, they have really heightened a level or two, especially regarding song-writing and production, by delivering seven tracks of pure classic satanic Swedish melodic black metal. To highlight this, we interviewed one of the founding members Nekhrid…

Nazghor – Seventh Secular Crusade

Please begin by telling us a about Nazghor and the band’s background.

Nazghor emerged on a dark winter night in November 2012 from the unholy city of Uppsala. Since then, Nazghor has released six albums bringing a pure, and still melodic black metal of death. The band has toured and played at several festivals across Europe as well as acting as support band for Batushka and Uada.

Ok, cool. What first got you into this genre, and what motivates and inspires you to create the music you do?

Both founder members had like-minded philosophy and the aspiration to create something heavy, evil, melodic and with at distinct purpose. The motivation to keep doing this is something that we create for ourselves by adding new elements to our music. The inspiration comes from different kind of music genres, books and our own opposition to the religious world.

Very intriguing, would you like to elaborate on your “distinct purpose” and religion?

It is simple. With Satan as a kind of savior from the religious world to complete the nullification of their pollution. Our message is “ temptation and darkness” and thus is every “crusade” a secular yet blasphemous one.


Your new album, “Seventh Secular Crusade”, is a true melodic black metal killer – or how would you describe it?

“Seventh Secular Crusade” is a massive experience of darkness and light. This is our best record to date, and we could not be more ready to share the result with you. It has everything that people expect from Nazghor – excellent melodies, dark atmosphere and raw power. We have raised the bar in both songwriting and production. We believe in this album, and we want to make sure that no one miss the opportunity to witness our greatest opus to date…

I can only agree to that, what do you think made it possible for you to raise the bar so dramatically?

We wanted to do something less raw and more powerful, and for that you need the right professional touch. Since this album took several years to complete, we really had the opportunity to find the right person for the job.


  1. Massive Omen Paradox
  2. Fulminating Fire
  3. A Crown Soaked in Blood
  4. Sons of Shadows
  5. Beyond The Grave
  6. Primordial Lineage
  7. Seventh Secular Crusade
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Soon in stock

Below titles are not yet in the catalogue, but they can still be reserved. Get in contact if you want details or would like to reserve a copy.

  • Ringarë – Thrall of Winter’s Majesty, LP (coloured)
  • Arkhtinn – Logo, Metal Pin
  • Arkhtinn – 二度目の災害, LP
  • Arkhtinn – 最初の災害, LP
  • Evilfeast – Logo, Patch
  • Gnipahålan – Logo, Patch
  • Häxenzijrkell – Die Nachtseite, LP (brown)
  • Häxenzijrkell – Urgrund, LP
  • Dauþuz – Vom Schwarzen Schmied, DLP (smoke)
  • Cosmic Church – Ylistys, DLP
  • Cosmic Church – Vigilia, LP
  • Aerdryk – Met de Drietand op Mijn Huid, LP
  • Oerheks – Cagghenvinna, LP
  • Burzum – Burzum CS
  • BurzumHvis Lyset Tar oss CS
  • Burzum – Belus CS
  • BurzumAske CS
  • Marduk – Strigzscara LP
  • Marduk – Strigzscara LP (red-black)
  • MardukStrigzscara CS
  • Darkthrone – Astral Fortress
  • Afsky – i stilhed LP
  • Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt LP (clear)
  • Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt LP
  • SARASTUS – Enter The Necropolis LP
  • VELDES – Flameless LP
  • KHORS – Where the Word Acquires Eternity LP
  • ESKAPISM – Tales of Elder Forest LP (Ltd 150)
  • KALMANKANTAJA – Uniani 7″
  • VAINO – Metsänpeitto LP (Ltd 150)
  • WYRD – Vandraren LP (Ltd 150)
  • SEVEROTH – Forestpaths 2LP (Ltd 200)
  • DRUADAN FOREST – The Lost Dimension LP (Ltd 300)
  • ILDSKAER – Den Raedsomme Nat LP (black) (Ltd 200)
  • ILDSKAER – Den Raedsomme Nat LP (orange) (Ltd 150)
  • ILDSKAER – Den Raedsomme Nat LP (red) (Ltd 150)
  • KALMANKANTAJA – Waeltaja LP (Ltd 300)
  • <code> – Lost Signal MLP
  • <code> – mut LP COLORED
  • <code> – Augur Nox LP
  • Shibalba – Stars Al-Med Hum LP
  • Demonical – Chaos Manifest LP
  • Demonical – Servants of the Unlight LP (marbled)
  • Demonical – Hellsworn LP (marbled)
  • Demonical – Death Infernal LP (marbled)
  • Demonical – Black Flesh Redemption MLP (grey)
  • Demonical – World Domination LP
  • Demonical – World Domination LP (coloured)
  • Vidsyn – On Frostbitten Path Beneath 10″
  • In Mourning – Garden of Storms 2LP (blue)
  • In Mourning – The Weight of Oceans 2LP
  • Svartsyn – Wrath Upon The Earth LP
  • Svartsyn – The True Legend LP
  • Svartsyn – In Death LP
  • Dark Funeral – We Are The Apocalypse LP
  • Cathedral – The Ethereal Mirror LP
  • E-L-R – Mænad LP (orange)
  • Cult of Luna – The Beyond 2LP
  • Dissection – Maha Kali 7″
  • Nebran – Of Long Forgotten Times… LP
  • Nebran – Of Long Forgotten Times… LP (smoke)
  • Wandar – Landlose Ufer LP
  • Emperor – Anthems to The Welkin at Dusk LP (black-white-green)
  • Emperor – In The Nightside Eclipse LP (black-white-blue)
  • Emperor – Emperor LP (black-red)
  • Emperor – IX Equilibrium LP (black-brown)
  • Emperor – Prometheus Discipline of Fire & Demise LP (black-grey-white)
  • Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Patch
  • 3rd & The Mortal – 2 Eps LP (white)
  • 3rd & The Mortal – Tears Laid in Earth 2LP
  • Friends of Hell – Friends of Hell LP
  • Alunah – Strange Machine LP
  • Malevolent Creation – The Ten Commandments 2LP (purple)
  • Marduk – Strigzcara Warwolf Live 1993 MC
  • Paradise Lost – Paradise Lost LP
  • Tiamat – Gaia LP (orange)
  • Vinterland – Welcome to My Last Chapter LP
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Incoming titles and restocks…

One of many orders being constantly added.

the lost tapes. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
erotik. galaxy vinyl
Type : LP
nihilistischen 2022. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
nihilistischen 2022. gold vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
nihilistischen 2022. marble vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
wrath of belial. black vinyl
Type : LP
alpenpässe. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr x 2
alpenpässe. marble vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr x 2
magnus venator. splatter vinyl
Type : LP Gatefold
icons of evil. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr x 2
sur les falaises de marble. bloodred vinyl
Type : LP Gatefold
impious. marble vinyl
Type : LP
volkslieder 2022. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
forbidden knowledge and ancient wisdom. marble vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
godslayer xul. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
the fire of awakening
Type : LP
tribute to the king of aquilonia
Type : 7inch x 1
thousand swords. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
providence. black vinyl
Type : LP
the coming of chaos. splatter vinyl
Type : LP
arsenal of glory. splatter vinyl
Type : LP
fuck off nowadays black metal. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
Type : LP 180-220 gr
awakening of nordic storm. black vinyl
Type : LP
macabre cabaret. black vinyl
Type : LP Gatefold
the funeral of being. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr
nocturnal poisoning. black vinyl
Type : Double LP Gatefold
angelus exuro pro eternus. black vinyl
Type : LP 180-220 gr