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New vinyls from Iron Bonehead on the way, including Runespell – Verses in Regicide

The anticipated new album by Runespell, “Verses in Regicide”

We have the below items from Iron Bonehead Productions coming in, if you would like to get an item or two, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

  • Hulder (US) “De Oproeping van Middeleeuwse Duisternis” LP (green-black splatter)
  • Rope Sect (Ger.) “The Great Flood” LP + Poster (Black)
  • Moonblood (Ger.) “Moonblood” Gatefold DLP
  • Moonblood (Ger.) “Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon”Gatefold DLP
  • Acheron (US) “Hail Satanic Victory” LP
  • Runespell (OZ) “Verses in Regicide” LP (Black)
  • Pa Vesh En (Blr) “Maniac Manifest” Gatefold LP + Poster (Splatter)