Trepaneringsritualen – Perfection & Permanence LP (blood red)


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Trepaneringsritualen christens itself “Götisk Dödsindustri”, or “death
industrial”, and the project delivers on thats promise by saturating
Ekelund’s scrapings with gloomy, gothic atmospheres and a heavy ritual
ambient influence. The songs are molded upon burly loops that shudder
and sway beneath Ekelund’s perpetually mutating vocals. Laden with
distortion and effects, hints of melody pulse ominously beneath the
heavy synth lines and bludgeoning rhythmic core. It’s disturbing and
appealing in equal measure, and its droning characteristics lend an
almost psychedelic quality to some of the longer, more convoluted
passages that litter tracks like the murky “Liken Ingen Jord Vill

Limited edition 500x blood red vinyl. Dark ambient power electronics industrial. Cold Spring 2017.

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