King Dude – Songs of The 1940s Vol 1 & 2 2×7″


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King Dude, also known as TJ Cowgill, is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Seattle, Washington. He first gained recognition in the underground music scene with his self-released debut album, “My beloved Ghost,” in 2009. Cowgill’s music is often described as a blend of folk, rock, and country, with a heavy influence from Americana and the occult. His songs often feature themes of love, death, and religion,  and his lyrics are known for their poetic and literary quality. His style is often compared with the likes of Nick Cave and Scott Walker, who Cowgill cites as influences.

Throughout his career, King Dude has released several albums. His music is known for its haunting and evocative melodies, as well as its darkly poetic lyrics. On his last release “Death” (2022, ván records) he delved further into the themes of loss, mourning and death, exploring them in a personal, intimate and profound way. King Dude is also known for his unique live performances, which are often described as intense, emotional and mesmerizing. He’s performing solo with acoustic guitar or piano or with band as full ensemble.

Overall, King Dude is an accomplished musician with a distinctive style and a devoted fan-base. His unique blend of folk, rock, and country, as well as his occult-inspired lyrics, sets him apart from other musicians. He continues to produce thought-provoking and evocative music that resonates with a wide range of listeners. With this double-7” of full album length, he explored the traditional american songbook by presenting his own versions of songs from that era in the context of his very own and unique style.


A1 Can the Circle be unbroken  A2 Drivin’ Nails in my Coffin

B1 Oh Death  B2 Riders in the Sky (Cowboy Legend)

C1 Don’t fence Me in  C2 Sixteen Tons

D1 Pistol packin Mama  D2 I saw the Light

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