Grift – Arvet LP (white)


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Nordic melancholic folk black metal. The album focuses on the topic of heritage, and how this can conflict
when social, religions and environmental heritage can not always sit
easy together in one’s self. Avoiding the cod-like synth backdrops that
so many of the current acts fall in to, Grift have created an almighty
album that stands abreast the acoustic forest cassette release and the
harsher black metal sound. “Nattyxne” marries these two elements of
organic nature with the yearning and at times vulnerable weakened cries
of Erik’s vocals along with the depressing guitar riffs and gentle
rhythmic back beat.

2018 re-press on white vinyl.
Comes with 16-page A5-sized lyrics booklet and A3-sized poster.

Nordvis Production 2018.

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