Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial LP (milky clear)


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“With Falls of Rauros’ 4th full-length album, Vigilance Perennial, a
vital complexity and multifaceted emotion is at the forefront of this
stunning quartet’s musical creativity, drive and evolution. Ever since
the opening notes of the Hail Wind and Hewn Oak debut, Falls of Rauros
have never put on a mask to hide behind a false facade. Yes their sound
has indeed grown to embrace an otherworldly atmosphere that feels almost
spiritual, but their songs possess endlessly layered riffs and thoughts
from the heart that feel as real as the earth squishing up between your
toes as you stop to appreciate the sound of the wind sailing through
the pines. Such an organic flow and endlessly dynamic rise and fall
elevates the 5 songs of Vigilance Perennial from a multi-layered bout of
aggression to beautiful moments of music that twist with a powerful and
honest emotion rarely experienced within a musical mindset that others
refer to as black metal.”

Milky clear vinyl. Includes two sided insert.

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