Dråpsnatt – I Denna Skog LP (grey)


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LP details:
– Grey vinyl
– Insert featuring the cover artwork on one side without logo for possible display/decoration

voids and desolate plains. Snow-capped mountains and dense forests.
Northern lights and cosmic vibrations. The images Dråpsnatt paint in
your mind are vivid and stark, to which their now finally re-issued 2009
debut “I denna skog” stands testimony. Nine tracks of melodic blackened
metal tell bleak yet grand tales of winter, death and nature in a most
Scandinavian manner.

Expertly arranged keyboards enhance the atmosphere with both textural
ambience as well as majestic melodies and riffs, and clean guitars and
vocals bring a harmonic yet melancholic counterpart to the abrasive
blasts and screams. Rocking riffs harken back to the primitive sounds of
the 80’s, while the more symphonic and melodious parts rival the work
the likes of BORKNAGAR, ARCTURUS and TARTAROS made in the 90’s.

This is music that will instantly transport you into the somber silence
of a freezing midwinter night, breath steaming as you gaze between snowy
treetops at the distant stars, and ponder about the cosmic secrets only
death can reveal. “I denna skog” is a mystical and rare beast, give it a
finger and it’ll devour your soul – and you’ll be grateful it did!


1. I Denna Skog

2. Under Fullmånens Sken
3. Orostider
4. Av Jord Är Du Kommen
5. Fader Frost
6. En Sista Vandring
7. I Evig Tid
8. Han Faller Plågad Ned
9. Ett Sista Andetag

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