Dissection – Live in Stockholm 2004 2LP (red)


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2LP red vinyl, including a slipmat for your vinyl player. Limited edition 300x. Black Lodge 2020.

Track listing
A1 Night’s Blood
A2 Frozen
A3 Soulreaper
B1 Where Dead Angels Lie
B2 Retribution – Storm Of The Light’s Bane
B3 Unhallowed
C1 Thorns Of Crimson Death
C2 In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
D1 The Somberlain
D2 A Land Forlorn

In the year 1989 Dissection evolved into an underground phenomenon. Even though they only released two albums during the 90’s they built a huge fanbase around the band and especially Jon Nödtveidt. Because Nödtveidt had to go to jail, the band paused until his release in 2004 shortly after the band was re-activated. This concert was the first one after they started again and took place in Stockholm on October 30th 2004. It includes many timeless tracks that every fan of this genre should have.

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