Death – Fate: The Best of Death LP (white-black-blue-red)


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“Fate: The Best of Death” is a compilation album by the American death metal band Death, released in 1992. It serves as a retrospective collection of some of the band’s most significant tracks up to that point in their career. It features a selection of songs from Death’s previous studio albums, highlighting the band’s progression and evolution within the death metal genre. It includes tracks from albums like “Scream Bloody Gore,” “Leprosy,” “Spiritual Healing,” and “Human.”

The compilation showcases Death’s pioneering approach to death metal, characterized by brutal and technical guitar riffs, intricate drumming, and a mix of growled and shrieked vocals, all of which contributed to the development of the death metal sound.

Red and White Merge with Black, Cyan Blue and Royal Blue Splatter.

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Black, Blue, Red, Splattered, White

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