Darkthrone – Shadows Of Iconoclasm BOX


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Shadows of Iconoclasm contains:

  • The 4 cult Darkthrone demos presented on cassette tape format with their original art & layout.
  • 6 LPs plus 7″ featuring: A newly remastered 30th anniversary edition of 1991’s Soulside Journey
  • The original Goatlord instrumental rehearsal/album – specially transferred and restored from Fenriz’ own original tape.
  • Live in Esbjerg, Denmark 1990 – For the first time on vinyl.
  • Live in Oslo November 1990 – taken from a new digital transfer from the original master tapes from the Bootleg TV archive. Previously unreleased.
  • Live in Riihimaki & Lahti, Finland. Darkthrone’s 1991 Finnish tour dates for the first time on the vinyl format.
  • Tracks from Oslo 1989 Bootleg TV appearance on 7″ vinyl, including the Celtic Frost cover, Visual Aggression.
  • DVD featuring a new digital transfer of Darkthrone’s November 1990 Oslo appearance from original master tapes, as well as their Finnish tour date appearances, plus bonus footage from Oslo 1989 & a previously unseen track from their September 1990 Oslo gig, when Cadaver & Abhorrence were in support.
  • 60-page book with a large collection of band photos, plus text covering the early years of the band as featured in the ‘Black Death & Beyond’ book, including additional text for this release, plus bonus chapters compiled from rare Darkthrone titles.
  • Band promotional photo print replica.
  • Soulside Journey art print Posters of the original Darkthrone logo image drawing & gig poster promoting their Oslo live appearance from September 1990.
  • The special cover artwork for this set is inspired by the early works of the band & comes courtesy of notable artist Zbigniew Bielak.

This box is insane, the vinyls sound perfect and it’s the same for the 4 pro tapes. Amazing stuff !

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