dai-ichi / Lamp of Murmuur – Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror LP (special order)


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The obscure dai-ichi and equally mysterious Lamp of Murmuur to deliver this raw black metal split album. Though similar sides of the proverbial coin, these two acts present distant ends of the ever-expanding raw black metal spectrum on the impending Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror. Though both are examples of raw black metal, the dai-ichi and Lamp of Murmuur split offers a multifaceted view of this increasingly popular style. Through dai-ichi’s controlled-but-manic pummel and Lamp of Murmuur’s honed improvisation and careful construction raw black metal reveals its many, varying faces. For a style so conservative, this is a bit surprising.

This album is only available as special order, will be delivered during March. If you want it, preorder now!

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