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“Augur Nox” is the third studio album by the British-Norwegian avant-garde metal band Code, released in 2013. The album continues the band’s tradition of blending various metal subgenres, classical music, and experimental pieces, resulting in a unique and challenging listening experience.

The album features twelve tracks that are densely packed with intricate instrumentation, atmospheric soundscapes, and emotionally charged vocals. The opening track, “Black Rumination,” sets the tone for the album with its hypnotic guitar riffs and haunting vocal melodies. The following tracks, such as “Becoming Host” and “Glimlight Tourist,” continue to push the boundaries of what can be considered metal, with their fusion of jazz and post-rock elements.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “The Lazarus Cord,” which features a beautiful and somber piano melody that provides a stark contrast to the harsh vocals and heavy guitars. The track “Ecdysis” is another highlight, with its driving rhythm and memorable chorus.

Overall, “Augur Nox” is a challenging and rewarding album that showcases Code’s unique approach to metal. It’s not an album that will appeal to everyone, as its experimental nature and unconventional song structures can be difficult to digest at times. However, for those who are willing to take the journey, “Augur Nox” is an album that offers a rich and rewarding musical experience.


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