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“Belus” is Burzums 8th studio album, and the sound and music of the new album can best be compared to the music of some of the old Burzum albums; in particular the ground breaking “Hvis Lyset tar Oss” and the atmospheric brilliances of “Filosofem”, only the ambient parts present on these albums has been almost completely left out on Belus. Belus is a hard hitting and melodic guitar driven album and will firmly keep Burzum at the helm of the metal / black metal scene and arguably his best album to date.
Varg Vikernes / Louis Cachet says of the new album and his style of music:
“My ambition with Belus is to create something I — and hopefully others too — can listen to for years and years to come without ever growing tired of it, and at the same time to share with my audience the experience of getting to know Belus, as he might have been perceived by the ancient Europeans. I am aware of the black metal association with the name Burzum, and I have no real and serious problem with that, but I personally see no reason to place Belus in any category. I think Belus musically transcends all existing categories, but if I have to choose one — and for the sake of simplicity — I will simply place it in the metal category”.

Really great atmospheric BM album from Burzum. A must have!

Side A
1. Lukans Renkespill (Introduksjon) – 00:33
2. Belus Doed – 06:23
Side B
3. Glemselens Elv – 11:54
4. Kaimadalthas Nedstigning – 06:43
Side C
5. Sverddans – 02:27
6. Keliohesten – 05:45
Side D
7. Morgenrode – 08:54
8. Belus Tilbakekomst (Konkusjon) – 09:37

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