Bathory – Jubileum Volume I 2LP


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Jubileum Volume I is a compilation album by Bathory. It features the absolute highlights from the career of Sweden’s trailblazing Bathory — a band not only responsible for launching Scandinavia’s black metal scene, but for inventing the often intersecting subgenre of Viking metal.

Track 1 recorded in October 1987, previously unreleased.
Track 2 recorded in June 1989, previously unreleased.
Track 3 recorded in January 1984, released on limited edition compilation album “Scandinavian Metal Attack”, February 1984.
Tracks 4, 7, 8 & 15 recorded in February 1988, released on album “Blood Fire Death”, October 1988.
Tracks 5 & 13 recorded in April 1991, released on album “Twilight Of The Gods”, June 1991.
Track 6 recorded in June 1983, 4-track demo, previously unreleased.
Track 9 recorded in June 1984, released on album “Bathory”, October 1984.
Tracks 10 & 14 recorded in September 1986, released on album “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”, May 1987.
Track 11 recorded in June 1989, released on album “Hammerheart”, April 1990.
Track 12 recorded in February 1985, released on album “The Return”, May 1985.

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