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Angel Witch, the legendary British heavy metal band, is back with their fifth studio album, “Angel of Light”. This album marks their first release in eight years, and it is a definite comeback for the band. The album is a celebration of classic heavy metal, and it showcases Angel Witch’s musicianship and songwriting abilities.

“Angel of Light” kicks off with the energetic and riff-heavy “Don’t Turn Your Back”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The songs are driven by fast-paced riffs, soaring solos, and memorable choruses. Tracks like “Death from Andromeda” and “Condemned” are standouts, with their catchy hooks and classic metal vibes.

The album’s title track, “Angel of Light”, is a highlight, with its haunting opening guitar riff and soaring chorus. It’s a power ballad that is sure to become a fan favorite. Another standout is “We Are Damned”, which is a fast and furious track that will have listeners headbanging from start to finish.

Overall, “Angel of Light” is a solid heavy metal album that showcases Angel Witch’s classic sound. It’s a great addition to their discography, and it’s sure to please fans of the band and classic heavy metal in general.

This is the “Firefly Glow Marbed Vinyl” version.

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