Aerdryk – Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid LP


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AERDRYK makes a clear black metal statement both in execution and atmosphere. While the guitars rage on in an almost hidden, intrinsic way; the entirety of the sound of AERDRYK is carried by multiple layers of reverb and exquisite ethereal synths. Within this groundwork, fast-paced blast beats reveal the contrast of this band; melding razor sharp guitar melodies and a multi-layered atmosphere. This balance is felt as well by the old-school harsh vocals, supported by epic clean chants. Every song on this album is a journey, one into time and history itself. Underneath it all, the bass guitar relentlessly deviates from its classical role and continues a journey on its own, like a deep-felt restlessness we carry with us along this pilgrimage. ‘MET DE DRIETAND OP MIJN HUID’ feels like a return and departure to 90’s black metal at the same time, featuring a brilliant songwriting craft and Flemish story-telling.

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