1919 – Citizens of Nowhere LP (blue-gold)


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This all new album seamlessly slips from its predecessor emerging from the starting gates with “Borders”. Moving further into the album, ‘Feels like forever’ is like revisiting 90s slice indie rock, somewhere between Ride and Manic Street Preachers, although this is not copycat, these sounds are totally authentic, a rewriting of history in their own image. ‘Demigod’ continues this journey, as Goldhammer sings “…I’m a god, I’m a godamn demi-demigod…” perhaps something that
might’ve worked slightly better in the 80s, but even in Y2K Britain, is maybe an idea that needs a bolt of electricity to rediscover this passionate worship. ‘Only the Good’ follows with the scrunch of musical backing adding to the atmosphere. ‘Singing to the Universe’ emerges from these shadows, as the number has the dark intent of Matt Bellamy singing for his absolution, but like ‘Feels like forever’, they fail to become just another photocopy and produce their own sound.

This really is another quite stunning episode in the life of this band.

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