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Upcoming Terratur Possessions titles

We are back on track with plenty of new stuff in stock from Debemur Morti, Prophecy Productions etc. These are being published continuously together with other titles.

Also, we have just laid our hands on some upcoming Terratur Possession titles. We will publish them soon on the site and you can always reach out if you want to reserve a copy.

Cheers /J.

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Move + new titles

Hi, we are moving our warehouse so there may be some delays in shipping the forthcoming weeks.

Also, we have some new stuff in stock, and restocks, by bands such as Mayhem, Immmortal, Bron, Hyrgal, Armagedda, Paramnesia, Saiva, Behemoth, Time Lurker, Ages, Ruins of Beverast, Spectrale, Mistur, Darkenhöld, Panphage, Stilla, Eneferens, Bathory, Taake / Helheim, Paradise Lost, Satanic Warmaster, Goatmoon…

Get in touch if you are interested.

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A lot of new stuff in store…

So, here is an update on backorders. We have got a lot of new titles not yet published and a lot of packages to ship. Especially the brand new Oes Galliath 2LP that many have preordered. Packages from Ván Records, Nebular Carcoma Records, Peaceville and Iron Bonehead Productions are being processed.

This means that we may very well have the latest and greatest, if you want to have something in advance, please let me know.

Unfortunately, the Oes Galliath 2LP and the Lamp of Murmuur split are deleted, and hence not orderable any longer. Sorry for that.