New releases from Nebular Carcoma Records

We have added som new releases from fine Spanish label Nebular Carcoma Records below:

  1. Blood Stronghold – Spectres of Bloodshed LP
  2. Borda’s rope / El-Ahrairah – Split 10″
  3. Negativa – 01 LP
Nebular Carcoma Records

Blood Stronghold – Spectres of Bloodshed LP

This is a really fine piece of underground black metal. I love the sound and the song writing is great. Check it out for yourselves (note that the drum sound is (more) odd in the youtube video than on proper vinyl):

Borda’s rope / El-Ahrairah – Split 10″

Raw lo-fi primitive black metal from USA, sometimes on the border to industrial / noise. Extremely limited and now deleted. Check it out here:

Negativa – 01 LP

Negativa are a prolific and mysterious force hailing from Spain. The entity’s two central figures, multi-instrumentalist DB and vocalist D.R., respectively maintain the well-regarded Délirant (of the Mystískaos cabal) and Atrabilis. Together, as Negativa, do the duo create delirious, tortured, but credibly avant-garde black metal, worming deep within atonality and tension to find bittersweet resolution and maimed ‘n’ malformed melody.

Of the band’s prolific clutch of releases, arguably, Negativa’s 01 is the perfect distillation of their aesthetic, a shocking bolt-from-the-blue originally released in 2014 on super-limited cassette. The soundfield is sharp, almost crystal-clear, but somehow alien and unsettling. Their push & pulse takes on a folding-inward variety of shapes, vortex-like, building ever-denser and -taller walls around the listener. Suffocating yet emitting a paradoxical expanse of space, the four-song spell hypnotizes from there; each body/mind-fold sluices energy and happiness from the spirit, Negativa‘s obsidian metallics growing stronger with each passing, parasitic minute. By the end of 01, that listener is literally rendered a zero, a hollow shell of cursed corporeal garbage.

Seek the beginning of the end with this noble new vinyl edition of Negativa’s 01 and rue its rotten (re)discovery.

Single sided 12″LP limited to 120 copies.


Added: Behexen – Nightside Emanations and My Soul for His Glory LPs

Very nice and spectacular represses, from 2020, of these Finnish black metal classics from Behexen were added to the store. The colours are spectacular, esp the “Nightside Emanations” release that comes in red, black and white multicoloured edition. “My Soul for His Glory” comes in a nice mixture of white, silver and gold.

If you don’t know these releases, just check them out below:


Stygian Temple – In The Sign of The Five Angles LP, added to the store

So, this is a relatively new and unknown German band playing uncompromising black metal that could be compared to early Watain or Mayhem. The guitar work is ripping, the sound is raw and 100% organic. If you add great song writing skills on top of that, the result is supreme underground cult black metal. “In The Sign of The Five Angles” is their first release ever and we can proudly announce that we have this gem on vinyl.


Two Myrkur vinyls added – “Folkesange” & “Myrkur”

Myrkur is the Danish one-woman project by Amalie Bruun, born 1985. A singer, songwriter, piano and guitar player who has created her own personal style between atmospheric black metal and traditional Nordic folk music. The word Myrkur is Icelandic for “darkness”.

We added the latest album by her, which is the incredible folk masterpiece “Folkesange”. At the same we included the seven track mini album titled “Myrkur”, this time released in a nice transparent green vinyl, with splatters.


Latest My Dying Bride album, and Tribulation MLP added

Added a couple of relatively recent doom/death metal releases.

Please, do also check out our highly related Spotify playlist with metal of the more doomy and darker kind…


New black metal vinyls – Behexen and Necromantia

Added Behexen – Rituale Satanum black-grey-white splatter LP and Necromantia – From The Past We Summon Thee 7″ vinyls to the new store (under construction).

So, The Wild Hunt is getting a facelift and a new store. Hence, we are migrating the ‘old’ titles to the new store, meanwhile the old store remains but won’t be updated.

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Also, do not hesitate to check out our black metal Spotify playlist with Behexen and other great BM bands:


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