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Article: Aspaarn – experimental black metal rawness

Aspaarn is a one man raw black metal project from Switzerland, which has been existing for a couple of years. In September 2021, the self-released “Ancestral Genocides” album was released on vinyl, to be followed by the second full lenght, “Between Loss And Hate” which was released in 2022 on tape.

In Aspaarn, there is a strong prehistoric and naturalistic theme. The name of the project itself is actually a slightly altered version of the name of a place in the alps where a neolithic mass grave was found.

“I’ve always been passionate about ancient history. Very little is known about that time and how people lived, and that time of the roots of our kin remains shrouded in mystery. Nature has a very important part in my life, and when you visit certain places that have been left untouched I think you can feel a connection with those ancestral times. Also, negativity, violence and darkness have always been a part of us, and make up for a sizeable chunk of the themes covered in black metal.

In prehistory, the hostile environment and the absolute supremacy of nature over man are what drove our ancestors to compete for resources and survival, at first against nature itself, but then more and more against each other, often leaving behind their own humanity, as can be confirmed in a lot of archaeological findings. “Ancestral Genocides” is exactly about that: it must have been an absolutely nightmarish time to be born in, forced to relinquish your humanity to survive nature. If you dig in a bit in the findings from that age, you can come across some absolutely savage stuff those people did to each other. One could say, this was the most black metal era of mankind… Haha!”

Aspaarn comes shrouded with both rawness and experimentiality, which seems to be a result from searching and exploring the black metal universe…

I’ve been listening to black metal since I was a teenager. What has always captured me in this genre is its expressive power. I think it’s one of the few genres that are really able to make you travel and imagine places, feel determinate emotions, almost like a painting you could see with your own eyes.

In the past years, I’ve been listening to more and more underground and obscure projects, and noticed how the raw and improvised production not only added a lot to the atmosphere, but made every different recording unique it it’s own. So that’s what pushed me to try out my own brand of rawness and darkness.

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