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Signing: The Wild Hunt proudly presents Ukrainian depressive black metal act Ezkaton

We now announce an upcoming release on the The Wild Hunt label by the amazing Ukrainian depressive black metal act Ezkaton. We are releasing it digitally and as digipack in February and we are now taking preorders. The vinyl version comes later this year due to queues at pressing plants. If you want to sign up for a copy of the vinyl, make sure to sign up for our newsletter below, or you can get in contact and we’ll hold a copy for you.

Ezkaton – To Those Who Fell cover art

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We had a chat with Roman, who is the songwriter and main person behind Ezkaton to talk about the band and the new album, “To Those Who Fell”…

Ezkaton is a depressive atmospheric black metal act hailing from Ukraine. Not to be confused with suicidal black, because my music is not about pitying yourself, but about compassion to the closest ones and for remembering those who are no longer with us. The project was born in western Ukraine in 2018, to create something personal, after writing the “My Nostalgia” album with Colotyphus.

It’s hard for me to describe the music with words, its idea and meaning. This must be listened to, because it’s like explaining a joke – if you have to explain it, it’s a bad joke. As for me – at the time of this interview I am 26 years old. The first recordings began in 2015 in the death metal project Rise of The Cadaver. I’m an observer of other people’s faith and I draw conclusions from that. I’m living with people, who basically live in hell, and I can’t help them. In fact, this is how the project was born, in which I describe my own experiences and emotions. This is Ezkaton.

It sounds like your lyrics are based on real events? Anything you would like to dive deeper into, regarding the topics/subjects?

Yes, some events are real, some only as a result of my imagination about the future of humanity, if humanity continues to follow this path. The main pillar of my music is the death of my brother in 2015 in the war with Russia. This event greatly affected me and my family. Also, this war took away many acquaintances and friends, not only from me, but also from thousands of other people. War is scary, especially if it is meaningless and serves only the interests of politicians. Also part of the lyrics about my personal experiences and emotions, which are difficult to explain to the listener, but everyone will be able to interpret them in their own way.

Thank you Roman, we are very happy to work with you and to help spreading your great music and your very personal message…

The Wild Hunt is a Swedish distro and label working mainly with black metal and doom metal. We are open for new signings so if you have a band or know someone who needs a label to work with, please get in contact.